Natchitoches Meat Pie Company

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Meat Pies

Image ID Product Name
Meat Pie Original 10103 Meat Pie Original
32389 48/4oz Natchitoches Original Meat Pie Beef and Pork with moderate spicy seasonings.
Meat Pie Crawfish 38774 Meat Pie Crawfish
06456 48/4oz Natchitoches Crawfish Meat Pies Like crawfish etouffee in a pie crust, spicy.
Meat Pie New Orleans 11103 Meat Pie New Orleans
32388 48/4oz Natchitoches New Orleans Meat Pie Lean beef and moderately spicy.
Meat Pie Spicy 14370 Meat Pie Spicy
32999 48/4oz Natchitoches Spicy Meat Pie has additional cayenne for that extra kick.
Meat Pie Crawfish Mini 41443 Meat Pie Crawfish Mini
30589 96/1oz Natchitoches Crawfish Mini Meat Pie. Crawfish, rice, special seasonings, and cream of mushroom…a little spicy.
Empanada Breakfast Spicy 10384 Empanada Breakfast Spicy
70389 48/4oz Natchitoches Breakfast Empanada Chorizo seasoned ground pork with egg and jalapenos—a spicy morning wake up!

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