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Frozen Breads

Image ID Product Name
Hamburger Bun 4 40206 Hamburger Bun 4"
1475 96/2.1oz European Bakers Hamburger Buns 4" Sliced. Fully baked, golden on top, perfect every time.
Hamburger Bun 5 43192 Hamburger Bun 5"
2808 64/3.5oz European Bakers Hamburger Bun 5" Jumbo Sliced. Thaw & Serve.
Bun Hot Dog 6 40207 Bun Hot Dog 6"
2835 96/1.4oz European Bakers Hot Dog Bun Sliced. 6" white hot dog bun is side sliced for easy loading. Use with franks, sausages and more.
Bun White Hoagie 7 40205 Bun White Hoagie 7"
2085 72/3.3oz European Bakers White Hoagie Roll Sliced & Hinged. Fully baked, Thaw and serve or warm for crisper crust.
Roll White Dinner 40202 Roll White Dinner
0016 192/.75oz European Bakers Golden Dinner Roll. Pull apart, thaw and serve.
Bread Loaf White 40208 Bread Loaf White
1677 10/24oz European Bakers White Bread Loaf 28 slice. Soft white pullman-style sliced bread for sandwiches, toast and more.
Bread Loaf Wheat 40209 Bread Loaf Wheat
1672 10/24oz European Bakers Wheat Bread Loaf 28 slice. Soft Wheat pullman bread for sandwiches, toast and more. Fully baked, thaw and serve.
Toast Texas Thick 10281 Toast Texas Thick
0122 10/24oz European Bakers Texas Toast Thick 17 slices. Pullman style bread 7/8".
Muffin English Split Fork 43172 Muffin English Split Fork
1750 72/2oz European Bakers English Muffin 2oz. Premium griddle-baked 2 oz. English Muffin. Interior crumb is open and becomes crispy with toasting.

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