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Juices & Snacks

Image ID Product Name
Lime Juice 100% 12272 Lime Juice 100%
90963 4/1gal Motts Lime Juice 100% Real lime juice from concentrate.
Applesauce Cup 12439 Applesauce Cup
2291 72/4oz Motts Applesauce Cups Excellent source of Vit C, serve chilled.
Fruit Snacks Assorted 13733 Fruit Snacks Assorted
47954 144/1.6oz Motts Assorted Fruit Snacks Gluten-free, assorted fruit-flavored snacks in bite-sized, fruit shapes.
Oatmeal Bar Choc Chip 13734 Oatmeal Bar Choc Chip
45977 144/1.24oz Betty Crocker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bar. A whole grain oatmeal bar, individually wrapped and made with chocolate chips.

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