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Turkey Sliced Combo Pack - Ham Bologna Salami 41537 Turkey Sliced Combo Pack - Ham Bologna Salami
12/1# 69502 Turkey Combo Pack Sliced. Ham, Bologna, and Salami. Great for sandwiches and institutional feeding programs.
Turkey Ground MST 11632 Turkey Ground MST
4/10# 69948 Ground Turkey MST Economical advantage. Best used for burgers and casseroles.
Turkey Ground 41536 Turkey Ground
2/10# 70012 Ground Turkey Add variety with this classic ground turkey, made from high quality dark meat.
Turkey Roll White 41539 Turkey Roll White
2/10# 82430 Turkey Roll White Meat. Cooked and Frozen. Ready to eat, thaw & slice.
Turkey Ham Diced 3/8 15350 Turkey Ham Diced 3/8"
2/5# 82951 Turkey Ham Diced 3/8" Add variety and save time with this cured ham product. A perfect 3/8 dice, with natural smoke flavor, made from lean, top-grade thigh meat
Turkey Franks 8/1 41535 Turkey Franks 8/1
2/5# 82918 Butterball Turkey Franks 8/1, 6". Great alternative to beef/pork franks. Ready to Eat - Heat to serving temperature. Store frozen.
Turkey Bacon Sliced 14150 Turkey Bacon Sliced
2/6# 30302 Turkey Bacon Sliced Random Count Healthy alternative to pork bacon. Breakfast or sandwich addition.
Turkey Sausage Patty CN 12495 Turkey Sausage Patty CN
115/1.4oz 30773 Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties Fully Cooked. Griddle or oven.

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