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Appetizers and Onion Rings

Image ID Product Name
Corn Nuggets 43051 Corn Nuggets
6/2# 146 Your customers will enjoy our super sweet, farm fresh corn with a creamy sauce coated in a light tempura batter. A great salad topper or side order.
Onion Ring Beer Battered 5/8 42534 Onion Ring Beer Battered 5/8"
4/2.5# 113 - Onion Rings Beer Battered 5/8" A hearty 5/8" Spanish onion covered with a beer batter.
Onion Ring Beer Battered 1/2 79083 Onion Ring Beer Battered 1/2" Thin Cut
4/2.5# 329 Onion Ring Beer Battered 1/2" Thin Cut. These onions will appeal to a variety of customers. Big Beer taste with no water added.
Popper Cheddar Cheese 39868 Popper Cheddar Cheese
4/3# 064 Cheddar Cheese Popper- Real Wisconsin cheese inside halved and seeded jala peppers. Gourmet bread crumbs seal in natural flavors and juices, for a tangy, exotic taste.
Popper Cream Cheese 39934 Popper Cream Cheese
4/3# 063 Cream Cheese Popper Halved and seeded jalapeno peppers filled with smooth cream cheese. Coated with gourmet bread crumbs for an exclusive flavor.
Mushrooms Whole Battered 40851 Mushrooms Whole Battered
4/3# 124 Battered Whole Mushrooms - Natural whole mushrooms sealed with a crispy delicious batter.
Pickle Chips Battered 19004 Pickle Chips Battered
6/2# 507 Battered Pickle Chips - Crispy and Golden appetizer that's sure to please.
Cauliflower Breaded Homestyle 13119 Cauliflower Breaded Homestyle
4/3# 046 Homestyle Breaded Cauliflower Cauliflower florets covered with tasty batter and par-fried to crispy perfection. A hearty lunch side.
Cheese Stick Battered Mozzarella 40795 Cheese Stick Battered Mozzarella
4/3# 138 Cheese Stick Battered Mozz 2.75" Square - Real Wisc mozzarella cheese dipped in our specialized batter. Creamy and firm.
Cheese Stick Italian Breaded Mozzarella 42132 Cheese Stick Italian Breaded Mozzarella
4/3# 335 Cheese Stick Italian Breaded Mozz 3" Round - Real Wisc mozzarella cheese covered in a homestyle breading with just a touch of savory Italian seasoning.
Broccoli & Cheese Bites 13368 Broccoli & Cheese Bites
148 1/6# Broccoli & cheese bites breaded
Cheese Curd Bites 13369 Cheese Curd Bites
047 1/7# Cheese Curd Bites Breaded
Pickle Chip Thick Brd 13371 Pickle Chip Thick Brd
505 4/3# Pickle Chips Thick-cut Breaded

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