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Frozen Soups

Image ID Product Name
Soup vegetable beef 40012 Soup vegetable beef
2/8# boil in the bag vegetable beef soup Mann's - A hearty mix of diced beef, vegetables & barley in a thick beef base.
Soup chicken noodle 41124 Soup chicken noodle
2/8# boil in the bag chicken noodle soup Mann's. Diced white meat chicken, thick egg noodles, carrots and celery in a rich chicken broth.
Soup broccoli cheese 40005 Soup broccoli cheese
2/8# boil in the bag broccoli and cheese soup Mann's. A cheese & cream based soup w/small brocc florets & pieces. Gluten Free.
Soup chicken with wild rice 14630 Soup chicken with wild rice
2/8# boil in the bag chicken with wild rice soup Mann's. A cream based soup with wild rice, white rice, diced chicken & veg. Gluten Free.
Soup chicken tortilla 40732 Soup chicken tortilla
2/8# boil in the bag cheesy chicken tortilla soup Mann's. A cheese based soup w/white meat chicken, tomatoes, onions and jala peppers Gluten Free.
Soup potato 14620 Soup potato
2/8# boil in the bag cheddar baked potato soup Mann's. Large cut potatoes, vegetables, and fine diced ham in a cheddar cheese broth.

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