Louisiana Fish Fry

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Breading Fish Fry Seasoned 12105 Breading Fish Fry Seasoned
50# Fish Fry Seasoned Breading - A blend of corn meal, corn flour, garlic, salt & spices. Yield: 1 lb. of mix coats approx. 4.5 lbs. of fish. 25# will coat approx. 112.5lbs of fish. 50# will coat approx. 225lbs of fish.
Breading Fish Fry Seasoned 12110 Breading Fish Fry Seasoned
4/1 gal Fish Fry Seasoned Breading -The Cornmeal-Based Breading Perfection that started it all! This gallon size tackles those BIG CATCHES!
Breading Chicken Fry 12115 Breading Chicken Fry
25# - Chicken Fry Breading - Our seasoned crispy chicken fry batter mix is filled with true, authentic Southern goodness.
Mix Gumbo 12117 Mix Gumbo
10/1# Gumbo Mix - Add meat or seafood and serve over rice.
Breading Cream Meal (Corn Cones) 12125 Breading Cream Meal (Corn Cones)
25# Cream Meal Breading

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