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Cheese Sauce

Image ID Product Name
Sauce Cheese Jalapeno BIB 10597 Sauce Cheese Jalapeno BIB
5040 4/80oz Gehl's Cheese Sauce Jalapeno Bag-in-Box with valves. Serve the best nachos with ease with this dispensed Jalapeno cheese sauce.
Cheese Sauce Cheddar Sharp BIB 10566 Cheese Sauce Cheddar Sharp BIB
05041 4/80oz Gehl's Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce Bag-n-Box with valves. A smooth and creamy yellow Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce bursting with rich and tangy flavor.
Cheese Sauce Aged Cheddar 10938 Cheese Sauce Aged Cheddar
3206 6/10 Gehl's Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Made with real aged Cheddar cheese with a rich, full-bodied flavor and creamy mouthfeel.
Cheese Sauce Mild Cheddar 38502 Cheese Sauce Mild Cheddar
3212 6/10 Gehl's Mild Cheddar Cheese Sauce A pourable, mild Cheddar cheese sauce that provides great flavor and silky richness at a cost effective enough to fit any menu.

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