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Oils and Dressings

Image ID Product Name
Dressing blue cheese 13090 Dressing blue cheese
4/1 gallon Ventura creamy blue cheese dressing mfg77225
Dressing cole slaw 75573 Dressing cole slaw
4/1 gallon cole slaw dressing. Mix up a summer favorite with our Creamy Cole Slaw Dressing.
Dressing honey mustard 39441 Dressing honey mustard
4/1 gallon honey mustard dressing mfg 77320. Blended from spicy brown mustard, turmeric and vinegar.
Dressing salad 13260 Dressing salad
4/1 gallon salad dressing mfg77132. Thick and creamy.
Mayo premium 75523 Mayo premium
4/1 gallon premium mayonnaise mfg 78106 Smooth & Creamy with rich egg & tart flavor.
Oil cube blended 76693 Oil cube blended
50# cube blended fry oil - green label
Oil cube donut fry 10654 Oil cube donut fry
50# cube donut frying oil - all vegetable White Cap mfg22123. Its bland flavor makes it ideal for crisp, even results with no flavor transfer.
Oil cube shortening 76433 Oil cube shortening
50# cube shortening - blue label
Oil peanut 76513 Oil peanut
35# Chef's Pride liquid pure peanut oil mfg54735. Crisp even frying.
Oil creamy 76363 Oil creamy
35# Chef's Pride liquid creamy frying oil A creamy, opaque-white shortening with a bland, clean flavor and aroma. Perfect for any frying application.
Oil clear 76343 Oil clear
35# Chef's Pride liquid clear frying oil 45532
Oil premium 10314 Oil premium
35# liquid premium frying oil - Extend ZTF
Oil salad 76203 Oil salad
35# Chef's Pride liquid salad oil all vegetable mfg54135. Perfect for frying and as a base for sauces, dressings, and spreads.
Oil cube 76413 Oil cube
50# cube vegetable frying oil - Red label
Oil salad 73623 Oil salad
Chef's Pride 6/1 gallon salad oil all vegetable. Perfect for sautéing, salad dressing, dipping and topical applications.
Oil pan and grill 73653 Oil pan and grill
Chef's Pride 6/1 gallon pan and grill oil 45607. A perfect alternative to butter for grilling, sauteing & pan frying.
Oil canola 39084 Oil canola
Chef's Pride 35# liquid pure canola oil A clear and golden yellow Canola Oil that possesses a clean, bland flavor and aroma.
Oil pan and grill 73643 Oil pan and grill
Chef's Pride 35# liquid pan and grill oil A perfect alternative to butter for grilling, sauteing & pan frying.
Oil peanut blend 39599 Oil peanut blend
Ventura 35# liquid peanut oil frying blend
Dressing 1000 island 43025 Dressing 1000 island
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley 1000 Island dressing
Dressing blue cheese 42186 Dressing blue cheese
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley blue cheese dressing
Dressing ranch fat free 39435 Dressing ranch fat free
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley fat free ranch dressing
Dressing 1000 island 12950 Dressing 1000 island
4/1 gallon Classic Gourmet Bistro 1000 island dressing
Dressing Italian 12960 Dressing Italian
4/1 gallon Classic Gourmet golden Italian dressing
Dressing French 12970 Dressing French
4/1 gallon Classic Gourmet French dressing
Mayo fat free 43163 Mayo fat free
4/1 gallon fat free mayonaisse
Dressing honey mustard 42187 Dressing honey mustard
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley honey mustard dressing
Dressing ranch 12980 Dressing ranch
4/1 gallon Classic Gourmet ranch dressing
Dressing French 43026 Dressing French
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley French dressing
Dressing ranch 42188 Dressing ranch
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley ranch dressing
Dressing Italian 43012 Dressing Italian
4/1 gallon Hidden Valley golden Italian dressing

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